Web & Mobile App Development

Join a beneficial, comprehensive and instructive course on Web and Mobile application development. Learn to build amazing apps and websites and bring out your innovative ideas to the market.


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Why Take This Course?

  • Training in the prevailing technologies and languages
    Everything we cover is relevant and up-to-date to today’s IT industry. This course does not cut any corners as we concentrate more on the in-demand technologies rather than opting for out dated technologies like PHP.

  • Build 14+ Real-world projects
    You will build more than 14 real-world projects which will also include a final capstone project. This course is an anomaly from all the courses as it walks you through the creation of such a substantial application.

  • Interminable Update
    This course is constantly updated with new content, projects and modules. Think of it as a subscription to a never-ending supply of developer training.

  • Best of both worlds
    When you are learning to program, you often sacrifice learning the rousing and current technologies in favor of the “beginner friendly” classes. Excluding this course from others, we have enhanced even the beginner classes covering relevant topics of the industry.



What will I learn ?

  • Learn to build real world web applications using Express, Mongo DB and Semantic UI. Also,build a complete complex model application similar to Just Dial from scratch.
  • Create ultra responsive layouts like photographer’s portfolio or a landing page for a startup.
  • Using JavaScript create browser games and work on structures like arrays, objects and higher order functions.
  • Create your own Node modules and use npm to install all sorts of packages.
  • Manipulate DOM using vanilla.js and jQuery and learn the translation between them.
  • Design a complete mobile app UI from scratch by understanding the complete mobile app development eco-system.
  • Build Android, iOS and Windows mobile applications using Cordova & Ionic platforms. Test through Ionic View and learn how to deploy the completed mobile app to Play Store.
  • Understand the complete cloud eco-system and its major players .Deploy highly scalable applications on cloud by having a complete overview on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean.
“Think like a developer - continue to learn and grow as one, even after the course ends.”

Course Curriculum

This bundled course is categorized into 6 levels in which you will cover all you would need to know about Web & Mobile Application Development.

  1. 1

    Beginning with Scratch

    Build your algorithmic thinking process through Scratch Visual Programming.

  2. 2

    Programming Foundation & Fundamentals

    Comprehend the kernels and begin programming in any language.

  3. 3

    Front-end Development

    Acquire the skills to create appealing interactive layout on the web as a front-end developer.

  4. 4

    Back-end Development

    Power your front-end components by building the backend part using in-demand technologies like Node.js , Mongo DB etc.

  5. 5

    Hybrid Mobile App Development

    Learn most popular open source frameworks for building cross-platform mobile apps.

  6. 6

    Introduction to Cloud platforms

    Attain an overview on cloud platforms like Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and launch your final capstone project on the cloud.